Garden Hand Steel Trimming Saw Outdoor Portable Survival Chain Saw


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Garden Hand Trimming Saw Outdoor Portable Survival Chain Saw

This is a pocketable hand chain saw. It is an essential survival tool for camping, hiking, backpacking and all other outdoor sports. It is also a good tool for home and garden use.  Suitable for hunter, fisher, camper, explorer, emergency, other outdoor activities & family use etc.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Appr. 63×0.3cm / 24.80×0.11"
Ring Diameter: 2.7cm / 1.06"
Load: 100 Pound Pull

Cutting wood quickly and easily
Small size, light weight, flexible and easy to use and carry
With saw tooth and 2 large comfortable key rings for handles which can rotate 360 degrees
Could be uses for cutting wood, plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal
Great for emergency and outdoor activities like camping, hiking, camping, etc.

Package Include:
1 X Hand Chain Saw